Zeus Yoga Bag


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Meet Zeus.

He's the perfect size to carry a yoga mat for the yogis amongst us or, if you please, Zeus would be very comfortable carrying a ukulele.

As we finished designing this bag the sun came out and we thought of Zeus; because just like yoga or music, Zeus is a ray of sunshine and this makes us feel great.

Zeus' namesake is our giant grey friend who lives down the road.  He's is a little bit zen and a little bit uke.

Bag: 53cm x 20cm x 11cm

Handle: 82cm

Fibre content: linen and cotton blend.

Linen and cotton is biodegradable, meaning that no nasty man made fibres will end up polluting our Earth. Linen is also one of the world’s oldest fibres – it is a hard wearing, long lasting fabric that will provide you years of yoga joy.

Fabric is from Japanese fabric designer Naomi Iro and is sourced from a supplier that values sustainability. Each bag is ethically made by hand in Southern Tasmania.

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