Shipping information

Pony Black is an Australian-based operation and everything is made and shipped out of our studios in southern Tasmania.

Within Australia

As a connoisseur of fine clothing and a supporter of Australian artisans, we figure that you deserve free shipping on orders $50 and over.

Orders under $50 attract a $15 shipping charge within Australia.

International shipping

For international shipping, the flat rate for postage is $40 per order. Due to the complexities of international mailing (and the huge number of countries that we'd like to make our products available to), we can't guarantee this price. We are still trialling international orders so, in rare cases, we may require some adjustment to the international shipping prices. We do not intend to make any profit on shipping but we cannot afford great subsidies either (we'd need to raise the prices of our stock). If the shipping costs are far more than our original quote, we may negotiate a new price with you. If you are not satisfied with the new price we will cancel your order and return your money.