White Port & Grapefruit Spritz. July 17 2020

Perhaps not one for a zoom meeting during the day, but this is just about our favourite weekend ISO drink; it is so fresh, so easy to make and has just the right balance of bitter and sweet.

Once only found in the back of Grannie's booze cupboard - white port is making an appearance in our weekend cocktails. The people of Porto drink it with tonic, but given they invented it, we might follow their lead.

To serve 3 people you will need:

- Dry White Port
- 1 Grapefruit
- Soda Water
- Mint 
- Ice
- Low ball glasses or tumblers

Make sure your port and soda water are well chilled.

When you are ready to make the drinks, fill your glasses with ice, then take a hefty slice of grapefruit and squeeze it over the ice. You want the pith to give up some of its oil and a decent slug of the juice in the glass.

Fill the glass about three quarters full with the port, give it a quick stir with the fruit wedge and top with a head of soda. Garnish with mint to serve.